Spoon Art Sculpture


A couple of years ago, Collins Abinoro was driven by his quest to do something different in metal construction. Today, he has achieved one of his goals through his Spoon-Art Sculpture. Read the inspiring article below 

Collins Abinoro is an artist who specialises in sculptures. His other works includes spoon and metal sculptures, resin cast, concrete, bronze sculptures, clay and drawings. Collins’ art is determined by inspiration, and he always creates art to his client’s specification.

The idea of spoon sculpture started while Collins was in his final year in the higher institution. In his words “I was on a quest to do something different in metal construction.”  His first piece was a coursework made with about fifteen dozen spoons, the success of which motivated him to do more spoon sculpture.

Collins emphasized that he had not been taught the art of Spoon sculpture, but it had been his ingenious creatiIMG-20160822-WA015on, his self-devised style in metal art.

When asked how the inspiration came about, in his words, he said “in the course of being inspired to do something different, I was inspired by an animated photograph of a chicken that had been constructed from egg shells. When I saw the picture, the first thing that came to my mind was spoons!  I went out sourcing for pieces of discarded spoons and later bought some to add to what I had been able to find. After the success of my first sculpture, I established the art of using spoon as a medium in metal sculpture. My love for birds made me research on birds and how to create them. I take every piece as a major project and treat it with all  seriousness.”

Collins went ahead to intimate on how the spoon-art sculpture is created. He said “usually, I create a metal framework, after which the spoons are meticulously welded on it. I also manipulate the spoons to suite the form I want to achieve. The spoon can be twisted or heated into any form depending on what I want. I work with different kinds of spoons – light   and thick ones with different designs. Presently, I’m able to use over four thousand spoons for a single design!  I look back and see how I moved from using fifteen dozen spoons to over four hundred dozens!”

IMG-20160822-WA016IMG-20160822-WA003 IMG-20160822-WA001

Over time, Mr Abinoro has been mastered the art of using the character and behavioral nature of birds to mirror human thematic areas such as love,  passion and  politics.

Collins was born in Agbarho in Delta state and grew up in a large family. He had rough experiences as every average Nigerian child, and at a point in college, he had to pay his tuition by selling portraits and graphic designs.  Collins said, “I never regret anything, no matter what experience it is, because all my experiences have collectively moulded me into the man I am today.”

When asked about his parents’ initial reaction to his profession, Collins said his dad never supported the idea. In his words, “my IMG-20160822-WA012dad wanted me to major in a science-oriented profession, so that I could probably work in an oil company, but that is not who I am. As time went by though, my dad accepted my decision to major in art after a talk from a friend of his who made him see the enormous prospect in art.  My mum has always supported me, and now, even more. Generally, my family loves what I do.”

This young talent reveals the joy of being given opportunities to travel to other countries and the positive reactions he receives from his fans. In his words, “although I was driven into art by a financial quest, art is all I have always loved to do. Passion came first and then money, because no matter how you look at it, every gift should be able to generate money in the life of the gifted.”

At the moment, his work is showcased in several galleries, one of which is called Thought Pyramid. He also receives orders across social media platforms, such as Facebook and instagram. Collins revealed that despite the fact that he has been a full time studio artist since he graduated …. years ago, his art has been paying the bills.


When asked if there were any obstacles facing his art, he responded thus: “Sure,  the state of the economy affects my art like any other profession, but I believe that as long as people still build houses hotels, offices and private collectors still exist; art will still sell. Also, I showcase my art internationally for foreign art lovers. As long as one is honest and truthful in business, you’ll always make progress.”

Collins dream is to become a global icon, impact lives and add value to humanity.



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